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Local Business Sewer Backup

When a floor drain in this local business' utility room backed up and flooded out into the work area, this company's management decided to call SERVPRO of Morga... READ MORE

SERVPRO Commercial Loss

SERVPRO of Springfield responds to a Commercial LossSmall Businesses are the backbone of the economy in the United States. If you are a small business owner you... READ MORE

Multiple Layers of Wall Coverings

These pictures demonstrate what can happen when moisture gets trapped between multiple layers of building materials.  In this case moisture had soaked up t... READ MORE

Sump Failures

When your sump pump fails it is always a frustrating situation.  What some homeowners fail to realize is that there are multiple ways that a sump pump can ... READ MORE

Sewer Backup in Litchfield, IL

This sewer backup in Litchfield, IL was the result of a blockage in the line going out to the street. The homeowner contacted SERVPRO of Morgan, Cass, Macoupin,... READ MORE

Sprinkler system malfunctions can make a mess

When the sprinkler system above this business malfunctioned during renovation water rained down from the ceiling to the surprise of employees and shoppers alike... READ MORE

Senior Community water loss

SERVPRO  Responds to a large water loss at a Senior Living Community.Our franchise was called by a local Supportive Living community that incurred a water ... READ MORE